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Pittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment for Head Lice * Lice Treatments

Pittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment for Head Lice * Lice Treatments

Pittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment for Head Lice * Lice TreatmentsPittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment for Head Lice * Lice Treatments

Why Us

Reasons to use our service

1. Here at Center for Lice Removal (CLR llc), We Do 100% Manual Removal.

We will thoroughly and repeatedly comb through all areas of the hair with a fine-tooted lice comb until ALL bugs and ALL visible nits (eggs) are taken from the head. Each and every one of our CLR experienced lice technicians are trained in a 20+ year-old, proven lice combing technique created by one of the world’s top lice experts in this relatively newer industry. Our strand-by-strand technique of combing ensures that every hair strand and all areas of the scalp are addressed and that all evidence of lice will be removed. Don't be taken by messy olive oil treatments or overpriced heat-related treatments that still require additional time to comb or take out of all the dead bugs and nits from the hair. From start to finish, most of our individual lice combing treatments are performed in only 30 to 40 mins.


2. Please Do Not Waste Efforts & Money with Ineffective and Sometimes Harmful Over-The-Counter Products.

Mostly all of the OTC products are neurotoxins (pesticides) that can be extremely harmful to the nervous systems of children via the pores of the scalp if not used as directed. We do not recommend or endorse any toxic, chemical or pesticide products that are administered directly to the scalp. It is necessary to understand that those chemicals and pesticides are intended to aid in the killing of any live lice, but do nothing in the fight against the stubborn nits that can remain cemented to the hair shaft and eventually lead to future infestations. What usually takes most parents 5 to 10 hours over the course of the week to do, we can achieve in only one 30-45 minute combing treatment. The real, true benefit of the service that we provide is to relieve you of your efforts and save you hours and hours of painful, mindless nitpicking time.

3. We Offer You a Final Head Check Evaluation and 30 Day Lice-Free Guarantee.

We guarantee that anyone that uses our service and follows our treatment process will be 100% lice and nit free for 30 FULL DAYS after our initial treatment. Even if your child happens to become re-infested after our initial treatment, we promise that CLR will stay committed to advising and working directly with you to rid you and/or your child of your lice infestation. Included in with our treatment service, we will give you a final head check evaluation 7 to 10 days after your initial treatment to give you and your family the peace of mind and closure that you desire and want when dealing with this sort of an issue. If any live lice and/or active nits are detected on the final evaluation, we promise to perform another additional combing treatment and final evaluation at no additional charge to you. No other lice removal company in town is willing to offer and provide you all this within their treatment service.

All Final Evaluations are performed Monday thru Friday between the hours of 3pm and 6pm -  SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Lowest and Most Affordable Treatment in the Pittsburgh Area.

Be cautious of mobile-only competitors and services that do treatment combings on a timed basis. The longer that company's technician stays at your home, the more money the company and technicians will charge you - with no incentive to ever finish their work in any efficient manner. At CLR llc, we charge a flat fee for our combing treatments, with no hidden 'nit-picky' fees and add-ons (i.e.- long hair) that the mobile services will spring upon you only once they are standing in your living room. In addition, everything we charge at CLR is disclosed upfront within the Our Pricing section of our website. We also offer treatment discounts on groups and multiple family members (3 or more) to make this type of service affordable for everyone. We encourage you to compare our affordable treatment prices to our competitors and see for yourself - If you ever find a lower price from our In-Town mobile-only competitors, please let us know and we perform the same lice treatment for 50% of that quoted price for you.

5. Your Privacy and Confidentiality Is Assured.

At CLR, we take your privacy very seriously. Please know that we can provide you a 100% discreet service for you and your entire family. If you value your anonymity, rest assured your silence and business will be safe with us.

6. Center for Lice Removal llc is a BBB-Accredited Business.

As of Wednesday, July 10th, 2014, CLR llc has become an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Organization - See Our BBB Listing Here. Our family-owned and operated small business is committed to making a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints and follow the BBB Code of Business Practices representing sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. Not every business is eligible for BBB Accreditation. Businesses must meet, commit to and maintain the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards) in order to be eligible for and maintain BBB Accreditation.

7. We Teach You Safe, Simple and Effective Lice Combing Techniques that You Can Use for the Future - Saving You Time & Money.

At CLR, in addition to our initial treatment, we provide families with the absolute best lice combing tools and know-how to thoroughly treat future lice outbreaks. If and when a re-infestation may happen down the road, you would not need to directly use our lice removal services again, or any other. Outside mobile-only services have to charge you each and every time they come to your home. Get the best lice combing tools and techniques the first time and save your family time and money.

8. We are Recommended and Supported by School Nurses, Pediatric Doctors, Preschools and Daycares.

Throughout our time and experience in this industry, we have forged many quality relationships with many local schools, nurses, pediatricians, and business owners of preschools, daycare centers, and nurseries in the Pittsburgh area. Achieving our clients' confidence is one of our main goals. So, if we can provide you a few business references to speak on behalf of us, our professionalism and service, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can provide that information to you.

9. Come In and 'Just Get a Head Check'.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer thorough head check evaluations (sometimes Free and Low Cost) to our clients. We completely cover all areas of the hair and scalp to provide you with the most thorough head check evaluations, in turn, giving you the professional opinion you want regarding your present lice situation. Don't overpay a mobile-only service to come out to your home only to be charged hundreds of dollars even if a lice removal treatment is not needed. Save your money and call to schedule a head check with us today.

10. Don't Miss Work or School.

Having a family lice issue can cause some parents to miss out on time and money at work and their children to miss out on their academic studies from being out of the classroom. Here at CLR, we can get your family clear of head lice and nits after just one combing treatment. In turn, we guarantee that CLR can get you and/or your children back to school the same day, which can get parents back to work ASAP with very little inconvenience.

11. Our Treatment Tools, Equipment and Salon are Clean, Sanitized and Lice-Free.

Please be aware that CLR goes to great lengths to provide a clean, sanitized and lice-free environment for all of our valued clients. All of our lice-fighting tools (i.e. lice combs, hairbrushes, hair clips, etc.) are thoroughly cleaned after each-and-every use, as well as, being sterilized overnight in rubbing alcohol. All waiting room and treatment room chairs are vacuumed and/or wiped thoroughly with either an alcohol disinfectant and then misted with a lice killing spray after every appointment.

12. We are a Brick and Mortar Business that is Family-Owned and Operated.

Unlike other mobile/in-home only services in our area, we are happy to have the only lice removal treatment salon in the Pittsburgh area. Enjoy the confidence that you and your family will be treated and serviced with the credibility and accountability that having a physical business office and location gives to its valued clients. Being that we are family owned and operated, we will always look to provide you with a very professional and friendly experience. We strive to know that you and your family will be happy and 100% satisfied when leaving us.

13. Don't Allow Strangers and/or Independent Contractors from Out-of-Town Lice Removal Services into your Private Home.

Avoid possible issues and the discomfort of having strangers into your home to perform lice removal services. In turn, we will always encourage you and your family to visit us in our clean, kid-friendly treatment salon. Here, we provide comfortable treatment chairs, suitable lighting and all the viable lice combing tools and products to rid you of head lice and nits. In addition, we will look to achieve your confidence in us and comfort you and your children from the moment you walk through our front door. Plus, you can leave the lice with us!

Mom Doing a Visual Head Check

Mom Doing a Visual Head Check