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Our Guarantee

CLR 30 Days Lice Free Guarantee / Final Evaluation Checks

 At CLR, We Give You a 100% Satisfaction & a 30 Day Lice Free Guarantee

Please understand that in order for us to extend 'Our Guarantee' ALL MEMBERS of the immediate family need to be either headchecked or treated by us - Absolutely, 

No Exceptions. We will assure by our 'Lice Free Guarantee' for up to 30 Full Days after your initial treatment. Even if you or anyone in your family becomes re-infested after our initial treatment or Final Head Check Evaluation, we promise that we will stay committed to advising and working directly with you to rid you or your child of the lice infestation.

Included within our treatment service, we will give you a 'no cost' final head check evaluation 7 to 10 days after your initial treatment to give you and your family the Closure and Peace of Mind that you desire and want when dealing with this sort of an issue. If any live lice and/or active nits are detected on the final evaluation, CLR will perform an additional combing treatment at no additional charge to ensure that your leaving us lice free.

All Final Evaluations are performed Monday thru Friday between the hours of 3pm and 6pm - 


We also guarantee that your child will be able to return to school immediately after leaving our salon. (Same or Next Day) No other lice removal company in town is willing to offer and provide you all this within their treatment service.

Please understand that in order for us to extend Our Guarantees ALL MEMBERS of your immediate family need to be either head checked and/or treated with us - No Exceptions.

(All final head check evaluations must be performed in our discreet treatment salon.)