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Pittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment For Head Lice * Head Lice Treatments

Pittsburgh's Natural & Safe Treatment For Head Lice * Head Lice Treatments


(412) 875-6599

(855) 600-LICE

CLR-North PGH Opens Feb 2020

Lice Treatments, Lice Removal, Lice, Head Lice, Lice Removal In Home, Lice Treatment Salon, Clinic
Lice Treatments, Lice Removal, Lice, Head Lice, Lice Removal In Home, Lice Treatment Salon, Clinic


(412) 875-6599

(855) 600-LICE

CLR-North PGH Opens Feb 2020

Welcome to CLR

Pittsburgh's "Premiere" Lice Removal Salon & In-Home Treatment Service

The Center for Lice Removal was the 'first' and is the 'most experienced' company in the city of Pittsburgh when it comes to treating head lice. With over 250,000 successful treatments performed in our network, you can have confidence that you will be in good hands with us.

Since 2012, we have provided our valued clients with the safest, most effective, non-toxic lic​e treatments, combined with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by any one of our friendly and experienced lice removal technicians. Please view our 5.0 review rating on Google. Our tried and proven lice removal process will not only get your family lice and nit free today, but will also ensure that your family will stay clear of head lice after leaving us*. Our average treatment time is only 30-40 minutes, start to finish. 

At CLR, we specialize in head lice (bugs) and nit (eggs) removal, using the safest, most effective lice removal tools and lice combing techniques to immediately end your families cycle of lice. The two biggest factors of an outbreak are early detection and prompt treatment. Our 100% non-toxic, pesticide free combing treatments can be performed in our kid-friendly treatment salon OR in the convenience of your home - 7 days a week.


During our combing treatments, our friendly technicians will educate you so you can fully understand and handle your present lice situation. Accurate and helpful information that will surely save you much time, effort and frustration. You will also leave us with the best preventative tips and measures to keep everyone in the home lice free post treatment. Furthermore, unlike other lice removal services in town, you will leave us with the tools and knowledge to either head check and/or to handle future lice outbreaks. Saving your family valuable time and money "IF" any future lice concerns or infestations should ever occur in the months or even years to come.

If that's not enough, CLR offers our valued clients the 'most affordable and inexpensive' lice removal treatment services in the Pittsburgh area. We are aware of our competitors, so please feel free to call around and compare treatment prices to ours - we are by far the most affordable. Being that we are family owned and operate locally, we are always willing to work with you and your budget to make our lice removal services affordable and attainable for you and your entire family.

With a variety of treatment services and products to choose from, we are are 100% sure that you will be satisfied working with us. 

Let CLR give you your 'peace of mind' back today!  

'Our Services Are Always Discreet & Confidential' 

FSA & HSA Accepted

 (FSA) Flexible Spending/Flexible Savings Account or (HSA) Healthcare Savings Accounts Are Accepted

If your present job, company or employer offers someone in your family a (FSA) Flexible Spending/Flexible Savings Account or (HSA) Healthcare Savings Acct., our services and all costs associated with our lice removal treatment services should be covered and/or reimbursable IN FULL to you.. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to ask us or contact your current employer or HR (Human Rescource) Department for additional information.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Health Insurance Reimbursement Program.

 Many healthcare insurance providers will now reimburse families for the costs and expenses of professional lice removal services. In turn, we can provide you with the appropriate and completed Medical Claim Form for you to get our services reimbursed through your health care provider. Please feel free to ask for more details about this upon calling and scheduling your appointment with us. 

CLR Highlights

In-Home Services Also Available

Mobile or In-Home Services Are Available with Center for Lice Removal, Lice Treatments In The Home

If you prefer the convenience of our services in your home, no problem, we will gladly come to you. Our technicians will arrive at your home discreetly, and most times, the very same day. Most mobile visits are completed in less than 2 hours. 

Super Lice = no Problem

Super Lice, Head Lice, Lice, Lice and Nits, Lice Treatments, Lice Removal

We Have The Lice Kryptonite!  It is a known fact that some head lice are becoming more and more resistant to the OTC pesticides and neurotoxins. Being that our CLR lice spray breaks down the body, or exoskeleton. of the bug, Super Lice are no match for our lice combing treatments. 

Pregnant & Nursing Mothers = OK

100% Safe, Best Lice Treatment Non Toxic, Pesticide Free, All-Natural, Organic, At Home Treatments

Our non toxic, pesticide-free blend of water based enzymes are 100% safe for nursing and pregnant moms, As well as, children of all ages - no child is too young for us to treat. Our unique & proprietary lice removal spray was made with these things in mind.    

Our DIY LIce kits are Available

Do It Yourself, At-Home Lice Removal Treatment Kit. CLR Treatment Spray & Terminator Lice Comb

If you dare to brave lice combing on your own, you can always just purchase our CLR spray and NF lice comb to tackle the lice battle on your own - safely and effectively. Please call to schedule a pickup with us or go to our online store to place a mail order.


Headchecks for Schools, Daycares and summer camps, Treatment Center Near Me, Best Lice Clinic

Our CLR staff is always willing to come out to schools, preschools, daycares and summer camp locations to do thorough headchecks on all children, teachers and/or staff. Please feel free to call us to get a list of our present school affiliations and for pricing information.     

BBB Accredited Business

Accredited Business with the BBB - Better Business Bureau - A+ Rating

As of Wednesday, July 10th, 2014, CLR llc has become an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Organization with zero filed complaints within our existence. See Our BBB Listing Here.  

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 -Great for Clients, Nurses, PreSchools, Daycares & Pediatricians- 

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